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Jonluke McKie

Current Projects

Theatre Maker


In Development, with support from Alphabetti Theatre, Gala Durham, Dance City, Live Theatre, the NEADN residency scheme and Arts Council England.

Preconceived is a show about sex.

Using physical theatre and interviews with people from all walks of life the piece sheds light on the stories we don't hear so often when it comes to sex; the funny, painful, hairy confusing truth of it, and encourages conversation about this centrally human topic.

Preconceived will be performed at Alphabetti Theatre in 2019 

Jonluke is seeking interviewees to take part in this project - find out more here!

Past Projects

Precious Cargo

From 2010 to 2016 I lead Precious Cargo, a theatre collective creating studio scale and fringe theatre. Below are the main pieces I directed with the company.

The Devil Danced in Our Eyes​

Created with support from Camden Peoples Theatre, Live Theatre and Arts Council England

‘This wee’un reminds me of you at his age Sharron – he’s the devil dancin’ in his eyes.’

Jamie’s mum’s stopped coming out of her room. He’s spending more time online and it’s BRILLIANT. Pixels, kilobytes and adult chat rooms.

The Devil Danced in Our Eyes explores sexuality and the effects of mental illness on a family through soulful looped vocals and storytelling.

Previewing at Live Theatre, Friday 29 - Saturday 30 March 2019 6.15pm

Past Projects

(Precious Cargo)

Into Thin Air

By Precious Cargo and Allison Davies


She was doing okay and being everything to everyone.

Head above water, swimming not sinking.

Then last night she sipped a glass of water and it seeped out through her skin.


Into Thin Air debuted at Prague Fringe Festival and venues across the UK including Northern Stage, Cast Doncaster and Camden People’s Theatre. It was supported by Arts Council England, Northern Stage, Live Theatre, Arts Centre Washington and Arc Stockton.

About Into Thin Air

If Words Weren't Free

Precious Cargo

Commissioned by South Tyneside Library Services and The Customs House

Imagine a world where stories are no longer free. If for the last fifty years there had been such a regime, the libraries closed, the books burned a tax on stories of any kind.

Imagine a world where you didn’t have the right to listen or be heard.


Created in collaboration with professional artists with The Custom’s House Youth Theatre and a host of library service users, this promenade performance celebrated the rich history and culture of South Tyneside and celebrated the role of Libraries in our society.

The Last Drop

Turquoise Baxter has been at the bottom of the garden again, she's growing something. and Arlo Beacon's not been seen for days... But shh, we don't talk about that.

By Beth Coverdale

Precious Cargo


Up here on the edge of town, the sky is heavy with rain and secrets but our storytelling bartender is serving your usual!

You can be sure of a warm welcome, and who knows - you might overhear a few things from your comfy seat at the heart of the action. Whispers will be whispered, drinks will be drunk, songs will be sung and tuppenny shots will be played! - so come in, take shelter with the locals and keep the watery wolf from the door in Precious Cargo's pop-up pub 'The Last Drop'


The Last drop is a sight responsive, immersive theatre experience, upstairs in the Bridge hotel, Newcastle.

When She Went

I remembered her breath on my shoulder, and then she was gone.

By Beth Coverdale

Precious Cargo


When a nameless girl dives from Newcastle’s Tyne Bridge, six passers-by are propelled forward, questioning their relationships, choices and the ultimate transience of being human.

Told through lyrical language, funny little moments and sharp, ensemble performance, When She Went was performed at Prague Fringe Festival, Live Theatre and The Cumberland Arms Newcastle.