In Development, with support from Alphabetti Theatre, Gala Durham, Dance City, Live Theatre, the NEADN residency scheme and Arts Council England.

Preconceived is a show about sex.

How we talk about sex.

How we don't talk about sex.

Using physical theatre and interviews with people from all walks of life the piece sheds light on the stories we don't hear so often when it comes to sex; the funny, painful, hairy confusing truth of it, and encourages conversation about this centrally human topic.

Images from the research and development phase of Preconceived

Seeking interviewees

Preconceived uses transcriptions from interviews with people from all sorts of backgrounds and we would love to hear from anyone who feels that they have a perspective they would like to share. We’re particularly interested in speaking to people from LGBTQl+ communities, older interviewees (people aged 65 and over), people with disabilities as well as those people who don’t have sex – however we have no specific criteria, if you’re interested in talking to us, just give us a shout!

Interviews last between one and two hours, can be with individuals or pairs and are completely confidential. They’re informal and relaxed and you won’t have to speak about anything you’re not comfortable with.

With permission, some of these interviews may be used in the script, in which case names, locations and any other identifying factors will be changed.


If you’d like to participate in an interview, or have any questions you can contact Jonluke via the form below, just leave your name, age and contact details with a sentence or two about who you are and why you’d like to take part.

Want to know more?

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