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The Devil Danced in Our Eyes

A funny and moving tale about family, sexuality and the internet told with original live music

Co-written & performed by Jonluke McKie 
Co-written by Allison Davies
Directed by Amy Go
Live animation by Simon Cole

“This wee’un reminds me of you at his age, Sharron; he’s got the Devil dancing in his eyes!”

Jamie was 15 when his Granda Frankie died, and his mum stopped coming out of her room. Left to his own devices he’s been spending more and more time online - scrolling through the digital realm of pixels, kilobytes and the occasional adult chatroom. But when he meets ‘Windsor_56’ everything changes.

Combining theatre, original live music and animation The Devil Danced in Our Eyes is a funny and moving one-person show that explores sexuality and the effects of mental illness on a family.

“This is a multi-layered show that will sing, speak and loop itself into your consciousness.” Audience Feedback

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The Devil Danced in Our Eyes will tour the North East of England from Wednesday 30 November to Thursday 8 December 2022 and Wednesday 8 to Saturday 18 February 2023 as part of LGBT+ History Month. Tour venues and dates include:

Reviews & Interviews:

"It’s a chilling tale, paradoxically told with warmth, and you’ll hang on Jonluke’s every word."
Cultured North East Review

"The Devil Danced in Our Eyes is charming, sure to touch the hearts of all ages." NARC Magazine Review

"Trust me, there’s always humour in exploring sexuality and the characters are funny, complex and multi-faceted. This play is an emotional, entertaining, enjoyable night out, a safe space to confront some of the things that happened to me and to say things out loud that I’d never said before." Read the full interview with Jonluke McKie in NARC Magazine.

Read an interview with Jonluke Mckie about The Devil Danced in Our Eyes in NE Volume Magazine.

To find out more about the show download a copy of the press release here or follow us on:

Instagram: @devildanced

Twitter: @danceddevil

Facebook: @DevilDanced


The Devil Danced in Our Eyes - Behind the Scenes

The Devil Danced in Our Eyes - Production shots by Nick Tyler

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