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10 Things to Do in a Small Cumbrian Town

"To be fair, I think ten's going to be a struggle."

By Hannah Sowerby 

Directed by Jonluke McKie

Alphabetti Theatre 2021

A one-woman comedy drama set in Penrith, Cumbria.

All Jodie wants to do is kiss a woman, but the only one available in Penrith seems to be her friend’s Mam…19-year-old Jodie hasn’t gone to Uni like most of her friends, but has instead been forced into taking a job shelf stacking by her very sweary Nana.


Join Jodie as she attends therapy with her incompetent, but hot, counsellor; bumps into everyone she’s ever met in the local supermarket and is repeatedly invited to a very strange man’s static caravan…

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