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Listen In

Directed by Jonluke McKie  

Sound design, filming and editing by Matt Jamie

Audio installation, Alphabetti Theatre 2021

The Last Laugh, Written & Performed by Lauren Pattison 

“I’ll come out in a bit. Not yet though. Bit nervous. I had a nightmare of a gig last time, I’m spooked now. Like a dog who’s heard the hoover for the first time.” Katie Baker is a stand-up comedian facing her fear: returning to her most dreaded venue after a horrific gig that she’ll never forget.  

The Interval, Written by Richard Boggie & performed by Carl Kennedy 

“I still look forward to the interval. I try to get a seat near the door, so I can slip out quickly to the bar.” The Interval is a tale about escapism, addiction and love.  


An Empty Room, Written & Performed by Kay Greyson  

"I started rapping when I was six, the forbidden world of hip hop with all its thrills and swearing called out to me. I was hooked, I wanted to be a rapper, and I wasn't accepting a plan B." An autobiographical story about Kay’s career, looking at one of her best but also worst ever gigs, featuring live music.

Listen in - Credit Matt Jamie
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