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Jonluke McKie

Theatre Maker


I create intimate theatre that experiments with form to tell stories in interesting ways. The following elements tend to feature in my work:

  • Class, sexuality and queerness.

  • Moral or emotional ambiguity.

  • Playing with representation, subverting stereotypes.

  • A mixture of poetic, lyrical language, story-telling and dialogue.

  • Experimenting with form to tell stories in different ways.

In addition to this, I work as a freelance director in new writing, often working with writers from the earliest conception of an idea. I’m also an experienced facilitator, specialising in work with children and young people and an occasional singer/song writer.


The following four values guide my practice, as a theatre maker, director and facilitator.


My background is in facilitation and applied theatre and this influences my directing and making style. Collaboration is at the heart of what I do, I don't believe in a 'top down' approach to directing, preferring an atmosphere of shared ownership.


Of time, resource and spirit.

To me this means:

none-competitiveness, honesty, willingness to challenge things you believe to be wrong, offering mentoring and help to others, and always paying artists fairly.

Edgy vs. down-to-earth

I aim to create work that is contemporary and risk taking as well as down-to-earth and unpretentious. These elements can be at odds with each other, but I find the pull between them leads to interesting choices.


For artists, arts professionals and audiences.

Because the theatre industry (and indeed the world) isn't equal or fair, and we all need to do more about it. 

I mean inclusivity in the broadest sense of the word, though I am particularly interested in issues surrounding class and sexuality.




You can contact me via jon-luke-mckie@hotmail.co.uk or fill out the form opposite.

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